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An immigration officer for Canada immigration is a profession that is ideal for graduates who enjoy working with people, and who are looking out for a career that will make a difference. But it is important to remember that, to be an immigration officer, you must be committed and have integrity and it comes with its own challenges which you should be ready to embrace.
The following are some of the characteristics and qualities which make law enforcement professionals become good as immigration officers who can be employed by canada immigration.

• Should be detail-oriented and organized:You must be coordinated and highly organized as an individual. As an immigration officer, the career is a busy one, whether working at a land border or at the airport. For that matter, immigration officers will benefit if they are organized and maintain a workplace that is neat so that they deal with the large volume of arrivals.

Apart from going through the passports and conducting surveillance, the immigration officers might also need to interview the non-Canadian citizens asking them questions and taking their fingerprints. Due to that, they have to be good when it comes to multitasking to create a balance for the various responsibilities and avoid creating errors.

• You should have great interpersonal and communication skills: If this is your career of choice, then you will have to be a great communicator and have the ability to communicate professionally and clearly. If you are interested in linguistics, then learning another foreign language could enable you to communicate better with visitors and other non-Canadians who might not be fluent in English.

Although this is a serious job, it is important that you remain friendly and cordial to all those coming in including non-Canadians.